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location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

project date: 2014

completion date: 2014

area: 18 m2

painting on the wall: Muse from British Museum, author: Sašo Vrabič

type: art project/exhibition

client: Zavod Big


award: 1st prize for best room installation and best painting on exhibition Muses/Month of Design 2014


project team: Mojca Kocbek Vimos, Sašo Vrabič



The Month of Design 2014 held an exhibition Muses to which 13 architects and 13 painters were invited. They had to design a room of 3x6m. The design required combining pieces of contemporary and antique furniture as well as defining the painting for the space that the painter had made and was part of the room.

The inspiration for the room was female literary characters, whose destiny was determined by waiting: Penelope, Ana Karenina, Hanako...

The room depicts a part of a woman's bedroom, where the atmosphere resonates with the interweaving traces of long, long hours waiting. The continuation of the existing yellow line on the floor indicates the beginning of a new story. It is the story of waiting and transience. The yellow line maps a new framework - a place in the room, the story within the story. Words - silhouette of a seated muse on the painting - continue on the walls of the room. The written words, the yellow line and furniture pieces present a bond between what used to be, what is now, and what is about to come...