Enodružinska hiša LA




location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

project date: 2015

completion date: -

area: 200 m2

type: residental

client: private


project team: Mojca Kocbek Vimos


A four-member family bought a beautiful piece of land covered with pine trees on the outskirts of the city centre of Ljubljana. On the spacious plot of 1100 m2 they wanted a ground-floor house that would merge with the unique surrounding landscape. They wanted a family house of app. 200 m2 with separate living and sleeping areas and framing views of the surrounding trees. The girls wanted a wide corridor in front of their rooms, where they could meet and play as well as a separate terrace, where they could play market with their friends. The mother wanted a bathroom with the exit out to the nature and a big open dining area where the family could socialise with relatives and friends. The only wish of the father was a place for his inherited piano where he could enjoy his piano lessons.

The charred wood facade fits in with its surroundings and gives a nice contrast to the bright interior of terrazzo floor and oak wood furniture. The design of the house and its interior is very simple and clean, allowing for moments of peaceful contemplation and enjoyment of the surroundings.



Enodružinska hiša v Rožni dolini, je projektirana na 1100m2 velikem zemljišču, gosto poraslem z iglavci. V neposredni bližini sta center mesta in Rožnik. Hiša je zasnovana linearno, kot pritlični objekt, v dveh sklopih. Prvi sklop je bivalni del s kuhinjo in jedilnico, ki se preko terase odpira proti zahodu in drugi sklop - spalni del z delovnim kotičkom, ki se odpira proti vzhodu. Notranjost hiše je prostorna in svetla.