Enodružinska hiša FA




location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

project date: 2013

completion date: -

area: 240 m2

type: residental

client: private


project team: Mojca Kocbek Vimos,

Leonardo Vimos Sierra



A huge plot of land in the size of 1600m2 next to a noisy city road in Ljubljana was a real challenge. The main concerns for building a family house in this spot were privacy and protection against noise. Positioning of the house with its back to the northern side and choosing the patio house typology were therefore the most logical decisions. Thus, the landscape is transformed in a way that creates a tree-and-terrain barrier towards the road.

A four-member family with four-year-old twin daughters wanted a compact and functional patio house of approximately 250 m2. Their wishes were a spacious terrace that could be equally enjoyed by all of them, big windows on the inner side and a more 'closed' facade on the outer side. The mother's wish was to have a big kitchen with views of the terrace, a living room and corridor space where the kids could play. The father wished for a roomy garage, a big basement and of course for a functional and economical treatment of designed house elements. The girls wanted a big garden where they could have their tree house. 

The facade is composed of fiber cement panels, larch wood was used for the terrace, interior floor and furniture are made of oak wood. Certain parts of the walls were intentionally left in rough concrete, which makes a nice contrast to the oak wood interior. The atmosphere in the house is bright, with a bit of the Scandinavian design touch...