Cafe Bazilika




location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

project date: 2008

completion date: 2008

area: 49 m2

type: cafe/bar

client: private


photos: Leonardo Vimos Sierra


project team: Mojca Kocbek Vimos,

Nena Gabrovec



Cafe Bazilika is located on the busy Miklošičeva Street, which connects the northern side of the city with its centre. The clients’ wish was to design a cafe/bistro interior that would fit in with their philosophy of serving small and healthy meals - salads, smoothies, quiche, seasonal menus... An important part of the cafe is also a corner shop selling their own home-made oils and home-grown herbs. Since the place is extremely small, each metre had to be used very thoughtfully. The idea was to create a monolithic wooden shell that would emphasize their orientation towards natural and organic. Beige floor with oak furniture - some with printed images of basilica leaves - defines the front part of the Café. On the opposite side, the overall green is used for the back, service part. In the tiny gallery there is a lounge-like accommodation with a bench and green tabures aside. A mirror under the gallery is used to give the space greater depth and light. The wooden modules covering the walls act as an acoustic element, and as functional shelves - lighting system.